Social Networking – Think Before You Click It

The GMA Kapuso Network, launched a campaign to advice the Filipinos the Do’s and Dont’s and the right way of using the social network on the internet like facebook, myspace, twitter and other. The said campaign is the “Think before you click”. Some of the known persons who gave their advices in Using Social Network Sites are Iza Calzado, Moymoy Palaboy, Maxene Magalone and etc.

Yes, using social networking websites like Facebook and Twitter is the most interactive way to connect you with your friends, looking for new friends, finding your soulmate, tell the whole world about you. But we should not overdo it. We should use it on a very right manners way.

Okay, here are 5 of my tips of DO’S and DONT’S of using social networking website

1. Dont do a Public quarrelling at the twitter - I always heard it many times on television and newspaper that some of the Filipino celebrities are arguing and debating at the twitter.

2. Dont share and upload scandal images/pictures – Once you have uploaded pictures on the internet, you cannot undo it. Pictures that you have uploaded will be downloadable with the internet users. One sample of the scandal pictures that have uploaded on the internet that goes viral is the scandal pictures of celebrities like Anne Curtis nip slip, Marian Rivera scandal, Angel Locsin and many more. Even not celebrity have incident like this. Doing this kind of sharing can ruin and destroy the reputation of one person.

3. Think before you add friends on Facebook – If a person invite you to add you as a friend of Facebook, just think before you add him/her if you dont know and you dont have any idea of who is that person. Maybe he/she is not a good person, rapist, a spammer or a scammer. So just be always careful always using Social network sites.

4. Don’t use Social Networking to put down a person

5. Don’t click on the suspicious links, it can harm your computer

6. Don’t upload scandal videos

Using the Social Network Websites can help you to be always updated, but it can also give you a headache if you dont use it wisely. So always be aware of using it. Think before you click. Click it wisely.

How to increase the Google PR of your blog

Google PageRank is the link analysis algorithm using by Google to decide the importance of web pages. It is one of the Google factors that help website rank high on search results but I still always see and observe some websites that have PR0 but still ranking to the top ranking than website that have higher Google PR.

Many are still concern on Google PageRank because they are making money into it by selling links, paid blogging or sponsored reviews. The higher the PR is equals to more money in paid blogging. The effective way to improve your Google PageRank is get some good backlinks to high PR and related blogs. All you have to do is keep on link building, here are some tips to help you increase your PageRank.

Directory Submission

Submit your blog into directory websites, there are thousand of directories all over the internet.

Article Submission

Create an article and submit it into article directories. The good place to submit your articles is and, dont forget to place your link at Author SIG – Resource Box.

Forum Signature

All you have to do is participate on the forums, dont spam the community forum, just post some valuable post and information, make sure you create an signature link. If you have 150 post, then you can have also 150 backlinks because link on signature forum counted as backlinks.

Social Bookmarking

Submit your blog homepage and blog post into top Social Bookmarking website or SBM. It can help you gain one way link and traffic to your blog. I recommend,, and many more.

Blog Commenting

Just comment on the blog post of your fellow bloggers, just enter your name(not your targeted keyword), email, your blog url and your great comment. Warning, Just read the post first and then leave a valuable comment, dont make your comment like spam like “thank you for your post” or “i really love your post” because that comment is absolutely spam.

Link Exchange

Find some potential websites or blogs that you like to have exchange a link, you can find it using google, but in my experience, the best place where you can find an link partners is by webmaster forum like Digital point forum. Just link exchange into related blogs.

Update your blog frequently

In my opinion, this is the most important criteria in improving Google PR, all you have to do is keep on writing unique and great content, just remember that “Content is King”. I have an experience in gaining PR4 to one of my blog with little backlinks and just by updating my blog two to three times a week. Those are some effective tips to improve the Google PageRank of your blog. Just keep on link building and you will reap what you sow.

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