Make Money on Profitable Niche Website Challenge 1

This is my first time to write a make money online challenge by creating a website niche and can be monetize using affiliates, Google Adsense and many more.This challenge can also help the newbies in starting to make also money online by following this challenge.

Make Money Online Challenge Goal

I will create a profitable website and optimize it by doing SEO Link building (Onpage and Offpage Optimization ). My goal is that after 3 months, I will seeing that website I built is earning a money by doing some SEO link building promotion, My ultimate goal to this challenge is the niche website will create an income of at least $100 / month. The website will monetize on Clickbank and Adsense.

I will give you an update blogpost on how do created a profitable niche website, promote the website in order to earn money and much money does the website earn. Here is the initial step by steps instructions on how I created the first website that I will use for niche website challenge. I started to research and created this website on August 1, 2011.

Niche Selection and Setting up the website

The first things I did was to researched for a niche or topic that is profitable. There are many profitable niche that you can choose like Business, Insurance, Health and many more topic. But I choose and focus on only one niche website.

1. Keyword Research

After choosing the niche of the website. I conducted a keyword research for the niche of my blog website. I am targeting 3 primary keywords. On my next other day, I will post on how I do a keyword research.

2. Register a .COM domain

I registered a domain at Godaddy, it cost me only $7.67 per .COM domain because I use a coupon code.

3. Set up Blog Website

I installed a WordPress blog on using a fantastico. After installing wordpress, I setup and installed the following on my wordpress blog

• Setup a Permalink

• Setup non-www to www

• Install All in one SEO Pack plugin

• Install Google XML Sitemap

• I created a banner header of the niche blog website using Photoshop

I will not reveal the niche website I built, but I will keep you updated. I have a positive mind that I will success but, I also tell if you if this niche website challenge will fail. I will post more update on Part 2

Make Money on Profitable Niche Website Challenge - update

Here is the update of Make Money Challenge. I started the blog on August 1, 2001 and after one month, the blog is already earned money on Google Adsense. I will not reveal the blog in here, but I assure you that I will tell the true income of the blog I created.

Here is what I did to promote the blog for the first month

First I did a keyword research – Keyword research is very important because, you will know what keyword should be target in order to promote it using SEO ( search engine optimization ). I targeted a primary keyword which has 1000-2000 Global Monthly Search on Google and at least $1-$10 CPC (Cost Per Click). Also, I targeted a 6 long tail keywords, which 4 of them are ranked on first page of Google

Off page Optimization

1. Blog Commenting on webpage that have higher Google PR

2. Social Bookmarking of the index of the blog and all the articles

3. I submit my RSS Feed to the top RSS Feed Aggregator

I am a little bit happy for this, and this is the starting of my journey on making money on Google Adsense. My Goal here is to make this blog earning money on Adsense $100 a month. I am creating a new strategy right now to target the goal.

Note again, that I did not do this challenge to brag / boast but to inspire / help newbies that you can make money online on Google Adsense by blogging. And it is also a challenge for me to update a report on this blog. The website blog I used in this blog challenge is secret, only me and Dagupan Bloggers knows what blog I am using.

Information of Primary Keyword of the Niche Blog

The primary keyword of the niche blog have a Google competition of 1,500,000

Local Monthly Search: 12, 100

Adword Competition: High

Google Search Rank:

As of now, the primary keyword of the blog is currently ranking #20 on Google compared to the last September which I ranked #29. I will need more links to rank into my primary keyword. I will need to keep on building links. Last month, I focused on building links on some of the secondary keywords, but right now, my goal is to rank more on the primary keyword. I believe that I will earn more on Google adsense if I rank on page with my primary keyword. Some of the secondary keywords are ranked #1 , page 1 and page 2 on Google.

October Alexa Rank - Actually, I am not checked my alexa ranking last month. but as of now, my alexa ranking was 5,708,554.

Link Building I have done

Social Bookmarking – I will sure that all the articles are bookmarked different SBM(Social Bookmarking) website. Right now, I am still conducting bookmarking some of the blog articles, it takes time for me to bookmark each article because I am doing it 100% manually. I am thinking to use software to automatic bookmarking of the articles, but i think manual is better than automatic social bookmarking, in my own opinion.

Blogpost review – I write articles and post it into blogs that have high PR and traffic.

Directory Submission – I submit the niche blog into 1000 different Directories. Yes, this link building is still important.

Article Marketing and Press Release Submission – no, I did not do any article marketing like submitting articles into, etc.. I am planning to conduct it this month. I am sure, this will help to boast my ranking and Google adsense earnings.

Blog Commenting – this strategy is helpful, I am finding webpage with high Google PR and all I have to do is make a comment, I dont care if it is dofollow or nofollow. I found a strategy to find blogpost with high Google PR, and I shared it into one of my friend Orville.

Web 2.0 – also this link building technique is very helpful to boast your Google Ranking. I created another blogs into different web2.0 like,, etc… Each web2.0 have articles which I will give link to my niche blog. I dont do link wheel, because, I know it is not effective anymore.

Number of Blog Post(October)

The total number of blogpost is 77 Articles. Each article have 300-400 words. I am posting 2 articles per day and I will post more articles. Google love fresh content that is why I need to post more articles everyday.

Number of Visitors(October)

Here is the traffic update of the blog for this month of October. Below is the screenshot of the traffic of the blogs on the Google Analytics.

Overall visit of site: 1,209

Overall pageview of site: 2,472

Bounce Rate: 63.77%

Average Time on Site: 00:01:31

% New Visits: 91.89%

Traffic Sources Overview

Search Engine: 75.93%

Referring Sites: 12.57%

Direct Traffic: 11.50%

Google Adsense Earnings: $195.95(October)

$195.95(October) compared to last month which I earned $34.57(September). I really cannot believe that after one month, Google adsense earning dramatically increase into 5 times. And I found this pretty amazing and I feel overwhelming about my earnings this month. I never expected this and Yes, I did it.

Another Goal

Fortunately, I already reached the goal of $100/month or $3/day and I am happy with the result this month which I earned $195.95 (Averages $6.32) on Google Adsense. $100/ month : i already reached this goal this month of October. $500-$1,000 / month : Okay, I will make this my great goal, to earn my one niche blog $500-$1,000/month and I am very positive that I can reached this goal. Once I reach the goal $500-$1,000 / month, I will create another challenge.

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