Make Money Online by Website Flipping

There are many ways of making money online, one way of creating a money on the internet is the Website flipping. It is the process of the creating and selling a profitable website or blog. It is also known as VRE or Virtual Real Estate. At the Real Estate business, the businessman will buy land, develop that land by building a houses and then sell it as house and lot for higher price. At the Virtual Real Estate, a webmaster will buy or create and sell websites.

Creating and then selling a profitable websites

It is where the webmasters and internet marketers will create a profitable websites. And then after a month, they will sell that websites.

Purchasing then Improving and selling a profitable websites

Webmasters are purchasing a profitable websites. After they purchase that website, they will now improve the income of that that website and then after a few months or year, they can now able to sell again that website into higher price.

Where is the place where you can purchase a website and sell a website to flip it?

Okay, I will tell you the resources where you can do a website flipping business. Actually, it is in the webmaster’s forum.


• DigitalPoint Forums

• Warrior Forum

I already made a money using the website flipping. Here is my sample thread at the where I sold my health blog for $300.

Website flipping can make you a big money if you done it the right way. I am not an expert at the website flipping but at least I have experienced to made a hundreds of dollar with this process. If you want to try this kind of making money on the internet, I can give you more tips.

How To Do Website Flipping

On my previous blogpost, I discussed about making more money on website flipping and you need a website to do website flipping. Here is the instruction of how to do website flipping.

1. Register your own domain name

You should buy and register your own domain name. It should a .COM / .NET / ORG. Registering your own domain name is very easy, just follow the step by step instruction here: It is very important to have your domain name, because you can sell it on Dont sell a website that have a subdomain name on free website, like and Mostly, website buyers on want a .COM.

2. Buy your own website hosting.

There are many website hosting that you can buy for affordable price. Right now, Some of my websites are hosted on Hostgator.

3. Install and setup WordPress

Installing wordpress CMS is very easy if you have your own website hosting account. Just use the Fantastico for a one click installation of WordPress.

4. Content is King

After you install WordPress, make a blogpost of at least 10 articles, the more post you will publish, the more chances of visitors you will gain.

5. Promote your website

Learn how to promote your website, it is very easy, just learn SEO link building and Social Media marketing. The more visitors on your website the more money income.

How much should I earn on Website Flipping

It is depends on the income of your website, for example, your website is earning $30 per month on affiliate and adsense. Then you can sell it for at least $300-$1000. I will write more on website flipping, keep reading.

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