Make Money Online With Google Adsense

Google is making money by allowing the owner of the websites to advertise on Google and display their text ads on Google’s Search Engine Result Pages. Advertisers are joining and using the Google Program called Google Adwords, they are using that program to create their own Text Advertising and advertise to Google. Now, Google created a program called Google Adsense on 2003, where you can also make money and commission by displaying the text ads of Google’s advertisers to your blog. If you have a blog and not making money on it, then it is now time to earn money on your blog using Google Adsense.

How to Earn Money with Google Adsense?

Google Adsense is the program of Google to help bloggers and website owners to also make money by displaying the text advertising on their blogs and websites. Create, copy the adsense code and just place that Google Adsense code anywhere on your blog, and you can make money and and earn commisssion by every click of the internet users to your Google Adsense.

How to Join Google Adsense?

Every bloggers and website owners are welcome to join and participate on Google Adsense. Just sign up and you need to wait for 1 days or more because Google employees will review your blogs. They will send you an email if your Google Adsense application is accepted or not. My friend have is already applied for Google Adsense, but Google rejected his application because His blog contains adult content materials and duplicate contents, as of now he is still struggling in joing Google Adsense. It seems that Google Adsense is now stricts in approving Google Adsense application.

Last 2007, I applied for Google Adsense, I just submitted my blog in Blogspot with only 1 article. Then in within 2 days, I received an email from them that my application is accepted. In the past years, Google is accepting Google Adsense publishers very easily and without any moderation. But that thing is changed, there is no permanent, Google is now strict in selecting their publishers. I am glad that I am Google Adsense publisher right now.

Tips before you applying Google Adsense

In order to accept, you need a website that has visitors, here are other tips:

1. Be sure that all your contents have no adult content materials

2. Do not use duplicate content on your blog or don’t copy others article to your blog.

3. You need a content that have 100% unique.

Google Adsense is one of the thousand ways to make money on your blog. I already earned a hundreds of dollar using this.

How to Add Links on Homepage Only at WordPress

A friend want to add a link into my blogs on the Homepage Only (not sidewide) of the WordPress blog, which mean, his links will be on Homepage Only, not on other subpage of my blogs. I inserted the link code on theme editor and using widget of my blog, but the problem is, the link is displaying sitewide or on every pages of my blogs.

Even that I have a years of experience in WordPress and blogging, it is my first time add link on Homepage Only at WordPress. So, what is did is I ask a question to Google on how to add links on Homepage Only and spend a minutes to researc. Thank to God, I already figured it out on how to do it. If you ask a question on how to do it. Here is the simple solution to that. Just insert this code on the sidebar.php of your blog.

< ?php if(is_home() && $post==$posts[0] && !is_paged()) { ? >

Your Code here

< ?php } ? >

Adding links on homepage only at WordPress using widget is now really simple to do it. Just install the Exec-PHP, enable the plugin and insert the code above to your WordPress Widget. And you will see that the links on your blog will be display on the Homepage Only, not sitewide.

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