How to Increase the Link Popularity of Your Blog

You are reading this blogpost because you want to know tips and techniques on how to increase the backlinks or link popularity of your blog. Link popularity is the number of links or backlinks you have to your blog. Backlinks of your blog is one of the important criteria of Search Engine like Google and Yahoo to rank your blog highly on SERP(Search Engine Result Page).

It means, if your blog is rank highly on Search Engines for a keyword that is highly search on the internet, then you have the more opportunity to increase the visitor and Live jasmin readers of your blog. So, if you want more visitors then you really need to increase your backlinks. In a nutshell, The more backlinks or link popularity, the more visitors and readers.

Here are the 5 tips to increase the backlinks and link popularity of your blog

Blog commenting – I know that you are familiar in blog commenting. If you want to get thousand of backlinks in within 2 weeks, then just find many blogs as you can that Powered by WordPress and have Top Commentators plug-in installed. You can view the Top Commentators at the sidebar of the blog. Make a comment and give your best to be a top commentators on that blogs. Your link will display every pages of that blog and gain sitewide link. In within one to two week, your blog will sure dramatically increase the link popularity.

Link Exchange - Doing link exchange campaign is very easy, just contact the blogs you want to link exchange for. Tell them that you want to link exchange with their blog and both of you will have the opportunity and benefits of increase the link popularity. Make sure that you find blog that have related to your blog also. Another way to find blogs in link exchange is using the Webmaster Forums. Most Webmaster forums have the Link Exchange category. Join Webmaster forums, find and contact many link exchange partners there.

Directory Submission – Submitting your blog into Web Directories will give your blog a one way backlinks which is great SEO. This link building technique is very effective to gain backlinks and help your blog rank highly on Search Engines.

Forum Signatures – Again, your link at the forum signatures will give you a backlinks. If you have 1000 forum post with your signature links at the forums, then you will also gain 1000 backlinks to those forums.

Create Quality Contents – Still, I believe that content is still the king. Just write more quality content articles to your blog and you will gain more backlinks to other jasmin live blogs if they like your content articles. Some bloggers will give you backlinks at their blogroll naturally if they really love your contents of your blog.

You can check your backlinks online using this website called BacklinkWatch or check it manually. You can check your backlinks manually in Google and Yahoo. Just type this into Google and Yahoo:

Five Tips To Get More Traffic To Your Blog

Getting readers, visitors and traffic to your blog is most exciting part of blogging. As a blogger, you can find more inspiration by knowing that you have an readers to what you have writing into your blog. Writing blog content is difficult task and you need to commit in order to become a successful blogger, but it is also important that after writing content you also need to promote your blog or your blogpost contents, and there are many Free method to do it in order to increase your blog visitors.

Social Bookmarking – Submit every blogpost of your blog into Top Social Bookmarking websites. It is very effective method to get your newly blogpost content gain visitors. Some of the sample Top Social Bookmarking Website are Digg, StumbleUpon, Propeller, Delicious, and many more.

Ping your blogpost – By pinging your blogpost, you will buzz the Search Engines that you have a newly updated and fresh content and it will help your new post getting index by Search Engines and gain visitors.

Updating Frequently – Google very loves fresh content that is why it is important to have fresh new content of your blog. Just also remember that “Content is King”. Just write Something that is interesting and I am sure that your readers will come back again and subscribe to your blog.

Forum Signature – Some of my friends are very aware that I am blogging and they know about blog, but when I ask them about Forum on internet, they have no idea of what is it. Okay, Internet Forum is also called a message board, it is internet place or online discussion website where members discuss anything, it depends on the theme of the forum. For example, the SEO Philippines Forum, it is a webmasters place where jasminlive members discuss, share anything that is related to SEO Search Engine Optimization. Regarding on Forum Signature, it is must contains the link of your blog and you can see at the bottom of all your forum replies and forum threads. Yes, you can increase your visitors using Forum Signature, just don’t spam at the forum and try to be helpful to other members.

Search Engine Optimization – As a blogger, you should learn and must know at least the Basic of Search Engine Optimization. It can help you gain organic traffic. Imagine, that you are in top ten for a keyword that have very popular and have hundreds of internet users are searching and typing for that keyword, then you have an great oppurtunity to increase the traffic of your blog.

So, if you want traffic on Search Engines like Google and Yahoo, just learn how to optimize your blogpost, Onpage and offpage optimization and SEO. That is my five tips to increase your visitors to your blog. There are some other ways to gain more visitors, just try to think outside of the box.

How to Promote Blog With Clickbank Affiliate

I will share my experience on the way that I promoting my blogs with Clickbank Affiliate. Having a blog is not enough, you cannot make a sales or money if you dont have visitors, that is why you need traffic or visitors, if you want to make sales and make money at Clickbank. Just make sure that your live sex chat traffic is your targeted visitors which they are buying by your affiliate.

Below is the screen shot of my earning sales at Clickbank. As you see on the screen shot, I currently have $66.15 earning on Clickbank, and that is for only 3 sales. It is a small amount because right now, I am only putting small amount of time in promoting my affiliate blogs, but at least I have made a sales and making money on it. Actually, affiliate is not my primary money making, I have other primary method of making money on the internet besides Affiliating with Clickbank. The reason that I post the screen shot of my Clickbank earnings is to inspire newbies in to make money with affiliate. There are two ways of promoting your affiliate website, the “Free Way” and “Paid way”.

The free way to promote blog with Clickbank affiliate

If you dont have enought budget, you can try the free way to promote your affiliate website, there are effective free ways you can do:

1. Learn SEO(Search Engine Optimization) – You can have many visitors and make a sales, if you are rank at the top of your targeted keywords. Learning how to build a link to your affiliate website is important in SEO. Sample of link building is Directory submission, Social Bookmarking, Link Exchange and others.

2. Article Marketing – In this promotion methods, you will need to create articles and submit them into top article directories. Submitting to is the best. Just create a content articles that is useful and 100% percent unique, 250-300 words each article is enough. You can now submit it into This article marketing is important because, visitors will read your information articles then at the end of your article, it is the link of your landing page. In my experienced, I submitted 10 articles to EzineArticles, then after 2 days, my visitors is dramatically increase, and I have some sales too after a week.

3. Video Marketing – Create videos of the Clickbank product and upload it into video sites like youtube, vimeo etc.

4. Answering Questions at Yahoo Answers – I have made a sales on answering questions at Yahoo Answers, it is one of the important strategy to make a sales. For example you are promoting “How to Lose weight”, just go to Yahoo answers and type a question that is related to your product that you are promoting and then click on Search button. You can see the lists of person that is posted question on how to lose weight. Just answer all of those questions one by one and leave you affiliate links at your answer or to the source.

The Paid Way to promote blog with Clickbank affiliate

The Paid Way I know in promoting affiliate website is by PPC or Pay Per Click, You must learn Google Adword in this game. It is risky because, you can also lost your money if you dont know what to do, but I heard many affiliate marketers are making a lot of money with it and it is also very effective methods. Making money at Clickbank need hardwork and smart strategy. If you want to make money with it, just follow my simple tips because it is very easy to implement and I myself that those tips is very effective.

How to Make Money With Clickbank

Affiliate marketing is one of the method that can make you money online. You can earn money by selling the product of the merchant or product owner and every sale you made you can get some commissions. If you want to start your business as affiliate marketing, then I recommend you to join Clickbank. As of now, Clickbank have more than 12,000 digital products for you to choose to sell and make commission. Digital products are very easy to sell because it does not need shipping for the product because the buyer will easily download the product after their payment.

They are paying commissions from 50% – 75% for every sales you made. For example you made 1 sale with a price of $50.00 then you can get the 75% of it or you can get net amount $37.50, that is great amount for only one (1) sale and you can get a lot of money of it.

Step by step on how to start making money with Clickbank:

1. The first step to make money on Clickbank is to signup. You need to provide all your details. After you signed up, they will give you your unique password.

2. Select your product to promote.

Selecting products to promote is your first second step. Just go to Clickbank Marketplace when you selecting products. There are many products topic that you can choose like health, weight loss, making money online, dating and many more. When picking your products to promote You must select products that people are want to buy or also called “Profitable Products”. If you want to know that product is profitable, just look at the product’s gravity score. The higher the gravity scores of the products, the higher affiliates are making sales into this products.

Once you have decided a product to promote, just click on “create Hoplink” below the product. Fill the “ClickBank NickName” and they will give a HopLink HTML code which you will add it into your affiliate website. The format of the HopLink will be like these:

3. Create a website.

Website is important because, it is a page where you will convince the buyers to buy product to your affiliate web page. In creating a website, you dont need to be a website designer, there are some software to build website like Dreamweaver and Frontpage. You can hire a website designer if you want.

But, for my experience, I am using WordPress as my weblog because it is very easy to install, manage and very SEO friendly. If you want example of the affiliate blog that I am using in clickbank and built with WordPress. I inserted my HopLink HTML code on the image at the sidebar. If you dont have your own domain name and hosting, I recommend you to create your website at free hosted blogs like,, etc…

4. Promote your website

You need traffic or visitors, if you want to make sales and make money at Clickbank. There are some marketing strategies in promoting , just learn how to do SEO Search Engine Optimization and Bum Marketing. I am not professional at Affiliate Marketing but at least I have some experience in promoting products, making a sales, and making money at Clickbank. I already flipped my other blog that are making money with Clickbank at Sitepoint forum. So it is fun to make money at Clickbank.

Blogging as a tool: Use it wisely

Blogging is a very powerful tool on the internet. A year ago, blogging or called web blog is use as an Online Diary which you can share on the internet. It is all up to you if you blog publicly or personally. If you blog publicly, your readers can write a comment to your blog post articles. Anybody can blog, anyone can use it to share information and knowledge. As a simple person, you can use blogging to share your stories and journey in life. Internet Marketer can use blogging as one of promotion of their company websites. You can choose blogging as a professional career, where you can earn money online even at your home. Did you hear blogging for money? Yes, you can earn money online using blogging as a tool. That is my work job right now. There are many use of blogging, you can use it whatever you want, just think outside of the box. Here are the two example of use of blog.

Blogging as a tool for making money online

Professional bloggers are enjoying the money that they are earning online using blogs. I heard many times that you can earn money online using only the blogging as a tool. When I first time to hear it, I believe it for only 50%, but now, I really believe 100% that you can use blogging to earn money.

One of my former officemate, who is a system programmer, doesn’t believe me when I tell him that I am earning money online using blogging, but he is always laughing at me. Anyway, I don’t care what he is saying about me, the important is I am earning money online.

Avoid “Free” on the internet

The word “free” is the favorite word of mostly people on the internet and also in real life. When I hear that word, it sounds so cool. Many internet users are like to type that magic word (“free”) on Google, if they want something to get or to download. Internet users wants it digital products like mp3 and software for free. Some Newbie bloggers and Internet Marketers wants their websites, blog domain and web hosting for free because they don’t want spend money. Yes, free is good thing in this world but also there is always a catch if you want something to get it for free. Now, here are some of the free on the internet that you can get but you should also you should avoid if you want to be free. Always think wise.

Avoid free web hosting

If you have a blog domain name that is top level domain like (.com/.net/.org etc), hosting it into online free web hosting is a very bad idea and it is not wise. I know some many newbie bloggers are opted to host their domain name into online free web hosting. Yes it is very cheap and you will not spending money on web hosting, but also, there is a catch. Hosting your blog into free web hosting providers can create you headache and trouble, because free web hosting is very unreliable.

Reasons why it is not wise to host your blog or sites into free web hosting providers

1. You have no control of your own blog, so there is 100% possibility that they will delete your blog anytime without any prior notice. I heard some bloggers are deleted and canceled their blogs because they are hosted at So, it is recommended to always backup your files and anything if you hosted on free hosting.

2. Web hosting companies that are providing free host are not permanent and can die anytime. One example of this is the Yahoo Geocities who closed their service last April 2009.

3. Free web hosting service loads very slowly. Yes, your blog will load slowly; your visitors will close their browsers and shift into another blogs because your blog will load inefficiently. Another is your blog will not become SEO friendly and Google spider will ignore your precious blogs and you can lose many visitors and readers

Avoid free laptop, Ipod touch, Ipad on the internet

There are many websites that are offering free laptop, Ipad etc. You should avoid this because it can waste your precious time. Always use your common sense, there are no such a free things in this world, even on the internet. We are in global economic crisis, there are no free, if there is free things, there is always a catch.

Free laptop on the internet is completely spam. Their victims are the internet users who are lack of knowledge on internet and lack of common sense. Their tactics is, they create a website that will provide a free laptop, ipad etc. The internet user must fill up and complete the form in order to get free laptop. The bad thing is that user will not get anything. Like I said there are no free things in this world today. Only they need are the list of names, address and zip codes of the internet user, which will they are making money on it per sign up of internet user and they are using Free laptop as a bait in order that the internet user will signup.

Avoid free online downloadable music, software and others

Downloading music, mp3 and software on the internet can infect your computer some malicious viruses which seriously harm your computer. Although, I am always downloading anything on the internet, I am always having an Anti Virus for security of my computer. So if you don’t have antivirus on your computer, it is strongly recommended not to download anything free on the internet.

Pros and Cons of Free Blogs

When I am a beginner in blogging, the problems that I encountered is I don’t know how to start a blog, I don’t know how to register a domain name, I don’t have credit card or a paypal. But if there is a problem then there is a solution. Because I don’t have knowledge on blogging during that time and I don’t have a budget and I cannot afford to buy a domain name and webhosting. As an alternative, I also registered and started my first blog using free blog like Blogger and WordPress.

The Advantages of using free blogs

Fortunately, the first advantage of having a blogs on it is there is no charge. So if you cannot afford to spend money and don’t have a budget, you can register and have your own free blog anytime. Most of the websites that offering free blogs are user friendly, meaning, you can blog even if you are a beginner because their CMS( Content Management System) are very easy to manage and use. You can write articles, edit, delete and publish it immediately very easily.

The Disadvantages of using free blogs

I heard many horrible stories about bloggers who got deleted their blogs because they are using free blogs on Blogger and WordPress. Those free blogs can simply delete your blog without any prior notice. They can delete your blog anytime they without any notice. What if they deleted you blogs that are making money , then it is a big headache. The reasons why they are deleting blogs is because they are getting rid of those Spammers that using free blogs to make money and to those bloggers who abandoned their blogs in blogspot.

Second disadvantage is free blogs offering only a SubDomain Name. Meaning, you cannot create a branding of your name, instead, you are always using their brand name.

So if you want to start a blog, should you start a blog by registering and creating blog to those website that is offering a free blogs(Blogger and WordPress) ? or will you host your blog with your own precious domain name? Okay, if you will ask me as an intermediate blogger, you can use and host your blog to those websites offering free blogs if you are really a beginner blogger and you can host your own blog later on. But, just put on your mind that if you want to have a long term successful blog, you should host your blog by your own webhosting and domain name.

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